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We want you to know what to expect when you receive your parts.  


Our fiberglass parts are unfinished.  This means you will need to sand, prime and paint the part.  An instruction sheet is included with each order on how to prepare your part for paint.  You will also need to cut and shape any and all holes necessary.  If your part was made from a 2 part (or more) mold, then there will be flashing that will require sanding, filling and leveling. Occasionally there may be surface imperfections that will need to be sanded or filled and leveled. Air bubbles are an inherent problem with hand laid fiberglass.  Occasionally you may expose an air bubble while sanding the surface.  Any air bubbles will need to be filled, sanded and leveled. 



The amount of finish work required will vary from part to part depending on the condition of the mold it was made from.  Some molds are in great condition, others are not as good.  It is common for molds to develop surface cracks and other imperfections.  2 part molds over time do not align as well and may produce excess flashing or uneven areas that may require more filler and sanding.  We cannot replace every mold every time an imperfection appears.  We donít sell enough of any one part to justify the expense of building new molds.  Many of the molds are very old as we offer parts dating back to the mid 1970s.  Once a mold is in too bad of condition to make a part from, we will usually discontinue that part.  The bottom line is we either use the mold to make a part that requires more finish work, or the part is no longer available.  Itís your choice.

Ask all questions before placing online orders.



We make the parts for you when ordered and do not take returns.



The parts fit the kit or plan they are listed for.   Do not expect the parts to fit a kit or plan other than what they are listed for, even if they have the same wingspan, scale or dimensions and so on.



Orders usually ship in 1 to 2 weeks.  An email with tracking info will be sent to you the day your order ships.



When you place an on-line order, your credit card will be processed before we see the order.  We do not receive your credit card information.






Above Left:   Two part mold

Above Right:  Two part mold misaligned


Above Left:  Flashing from a two part mold

Above Right:  Flashing on wheel pants from two part molds


Above Left: Surface cracks in cowl mold

Above Right:  Surface cracks in wheel pant mold



Above:  Indentations from mold surface flaws


If any of this is unacceptable to you, we respectfully ask that you do not order from us.

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